Enjoyment in spring


June 3, 2024

Gentle sun – fresh taste 

The sun is sending gentle rays, herbs are sprouting and asparagus tips are poking out of the ground – spring is here! And with it a new kind of enjoyment. Lightness comes back on our plates. Asparagus and herbs are now a must in all kitchens and counters. Likewise, fresh spring vegetables are making their way back onto the menu. 

A spring butcher's cuisine

Butchers know how to make clever use of spring ingredients.Spring flair can be reflected particularly well in the butcher's kitchen. Asian veal slices, for example, are perfect for the sought-after “light cuisine”, with Far Eastern notes. The quickly prepared gourmet pan with spring vegetables and the beef roulades with asparagus also capture the taste of spring.

Asparagus and herbs

Asparagus can also be ideally showcased in sausage products. Asparagus ham, coated with Deco Quick® Asparagus or the popular asparagus Lyoner are just two examples. In addition, herbs can be combined very well with sausage products, for example with the popular paté or around sausage and ham as a spice coating Deco Quick® Herb Garden.

Vegetarian and vegan in spring

The meatless butcher's kitchen also offers creative dishes. The vegetarian chili cheese balls, for example, are as colourful as spring, and are refined with a jalapeño mix and also awaken the desire for a holiday. Vegan meatballs, which are ideal for combining with a spring salad, also fit perfectly into the season. They are ideal for grilling - fortunately, life is shifting more outdoors again and customers are heating up the grill more often.