Ginger: spiciness with freshness


June 3, 2024

In the tropical forest climate of the main growing regions of China and India, the pungent tuber feels at home and has been valued there for over 3,000 years. Already mentioned as a medicinal plant in the oldest writings of Asian civilizations, ginger has now been proven to contain 160 ingredients, including essential oils, phenolic pungents, dyes and bitter substances. The fact is that ginger has a strong effect on the digestive tract.

  • China
  • Nigeria
  • India
  • beige to light brown rootstocks
  • light yellow and fibrous inside
  • fresh acidity
  • stimulating spiciness and subtle sweetness towards the end
Used in
  • fried sausage and white pudding Bavarian style
  • bratwurst
  • Asian dishes
  • Marinades

The fresh spiciness of ginger is indispensable in many boiled sausage mixtures such as Lyona (Art. No. 230019), Meisterklasse Gelbwurst (Art. No. 226849) or almost all Leberkäs mixtures. Even the classic Weißwurst (white pudding Bavarian style) cannot do without ginger, which is why the elegant taste can also be found in Münchner Weißwurst OG (Art. No. 226907) or Münchner Weißwurst Super (Art. No. 135151).

Marinades with an Asian focus – such as the Curry Spice Marinade OG AF (Art. No. 235346) or Primofresh Bangkok (Art. No. 259077) – take you into exotic worlds of taste with their ginger note.