Even more choice for the counter


June 3, 2024

WIBERG has four new exciting spice blends on offer. The innovative blends of Avocado, Fish, Pasta/Pizza and Fiesta give a unique flavour to many things that are most popular on the table every day.


Whether colorful bowls or classic guacamole, the Avocado spice mix offers a subtly spicy taste of onions and garlic as well as a fruity note of tomatoes. A pleasant sesame note rounds off the taste experience and gives every dish a special sophistication from breakfast to dinner.


Juicy salmon, local char, fine trout or even shrimp and seafood can be taken to a new level with the spice mixture Fish. This blend combines the taste of lemon with fine herbs and a pleasant peppery note. It gives dishes a wonderful freshness and a delicious aroma.


A classic that should not be missing in any kitchen is the seasoning mixture Pasta/Pizza. It brings sun and Italian flair to the plates and offers a fruity taste of tomatoes and Mediterranean herbs such as oregano, basil and rosemary. A fine garlic note adds extra spice, while the addition of pine nuts adds a velvety texture and a delicate nutty note. This mixture is perfect for refining everyday pasta and pizza dishes or baking focaccia and bread – in short, to bring a bit of Bella Italia into your home.


Our line of authentic spice blends, which previously took us to the kitchens of Africa and Asia, now takes us on a journey to Latin America. The Fiesta spice blend is inspired by the diverse Mexican cuisine and offers the strong taste of chili and paprika. The pleasant notes of oregano and cumin round off the flavor and give dishes an authentic Mexican touch. The Fiesta seasoning mix is ideal for tacos, enchiladas, fajitas and other Mexican specialties. The special feature: The spice mixture does not contain starch or additives.