Competence Center for Cultures and Raw Sausage

Competence Center for Cultures and Raw Sausage

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The no. 1 contact for food cultures

The Competence Center for Cultures and Raw Sausage bundles all specialist knowledge and know-how for safe and tasty end products.

Food cultures perform important tasks in food production. Through fermentation, they ensure controlled ripening, aromatic taste, longer shelf life and safe food.

We are researching the mode of action of different cultures and are constantly developing our portfolio of cultures for the meat product industry and also for fish products as well as vegetarian and vegan products.

Combined forces

The heart of our Competence Center for Cultures and Raw Sausage is located in Holdorf, in the middle of the German meat processing industry. There, thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, we have all the possibilities for creating innovative solutions

Our food cultures have been produced at our site in Stuttgart since 1989. Customers can rely on the best quality "made in Germany".  

The Holdorf site unites:
  • Application Technical Center
  • product development
  • research
  • application

... of cultures, ripening and spice blends

Top Features

An important milestone for today's success was set in 2014 with the opening of an in-house laboratory with security level S2. There, principles for combating pathogenic microorganisms, i.e. pathogenic bacteria, are investigated. 

This area plays a particularly important role because food cultures and cultures with a protective function can counteract pathogenic bacteria. Food is made safer with its help. 

Our BITEC® brand, which was founded in 1989, has a wide range of cultures with a protective function against listeria with the reliable B-Range.

Safety & Taste

The laboratory includes a pilot plant that can be used to ferment and freeze-dry small quantities of microorganisms. In this way, new food cultures can be efficiently researched and promoted. 

The focus here is on the combination of maximum product safety with an excellent taste profile of the end products. 

The in-house laboratory offers independence from external institutes, which makes it possible to create and bundle knowledge internally. This accelerates processes – also favoured by the central location and the exchange with the nearby meat industry. 

Perfect Service

The Competence Center for Cultures and Raw Sausage in Holdorf provides excellent support to customers with its services. High delivery readiness, flexible working methods and short response times make the Competence Center a competent partner. Through in-house challenge tests as well as our own research and development, we find solutions to problems quickly and efficiently. Because we recognized the potential behind food cultures early on, we can now build on decades of experience. Our experienced consultants and the worldwide sales team are happy to pass this on and support our customers with any questions