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A team full of expertise

Anyone who produces sausage products is in the very best hands with us – all around. We have been involved in the development of sausage casings for decades. Expertise and product range have grown organically over the years. In the meantime, an entire team is dedicated exclusively to the topic of sausage casings.

No sausage without a casing

Sausage casings perform many functions. They are used to shape and protect the end product. At the same time, they are advertising material and an eye-catcher in the counter. And they are a necessity of sausage production, because without casings it is not possible

WIBERG has been working intensively on this topic since the mid-70s. At that time, there was only a small, expandable offer on the market. Therefore, the WIBERG team began to find high-quality raw materials, to drive forward the development of contemporary sausage casings and to print them ourselves for our customers. 

The experts for sausage casings

Today, customers can rely on proven products as well as the experience and expertise of the Competence Center Casings at the company's headquarters in Salzburg.

Behind this is a team of motivated and mostly long-standing employees who develop, design, print and assemble sausage casings. 

The team knows the assortment like the back of its hand and advises and supports customers personally.

Departments of the Competence Center Casings
  • Customer service casings
  • Technical advice
  • Purchasing
  • Quality control
  • Product management
  • Graphics
  • Printing 
  • Customization

Technical advice – always there for you

Our technical advisors are experts when it comes to individual solutions and specific requirements for sausage casings. If you have questions about the ideal application of sausage casings, you have come to the right place. 

The expert advisors are aware of the possibilities of customized sausage casings as an important instrument of customer loyalty as well as the versatility of Deco Quick® casings and are happy to pass on their knowledge to customers. 

The expertise of the technical advisors is also valued when it comes to product innovations – whether it is optimal peelability, perfect spice transfer or smooth application.

Customer support – customized service

As a reliable, competent contact, the customer service of the Competence Center Casings guarantees experienced support and a smooth process of orders. In addition, it initiates the customer-specific design of sausage casings. This team controls and monitors the entire process up to delivery. 

Customer-specific individual production

The customer-specific individual productions are a special offer from WIBERG to you. Here, the casings are adapted to individual requirements as desired – from the raw material to the design. The possibilities are almost limitless. The graphic designers of the Competence Center design tailor-made sausage casings from 500 meters of printing. Whether classy, modern or traditional – they design the casings to match the respective style of the company or according to required specifications. This department knows exactly what is important in the design of sausage casings and delivers the first drafts in the shortest possible time. Recognition and customer loyalty guaranteed!

First-class goods

The product management knows the range and the possibilities exactly and has the right casing up its sleeve for any type of sausage

The purchasing team attaches great importance to outstanding quality and sources the first-class raw materials from a wide variety of suppliers. This allows it to select the right quality for the respective application from a variety of raw materials

The large, extensive raw materials warehouse makes it possible to respond flexibly and quickly to inquiries. Cases are high-tech products that are professionally produced – from the first to the last work step. 

Before the sausage casings are delivered, they pass through the hands of the experienced production team during printing, shirring and tying up.

Produced in-house in Salzburg & Freilassing

In line with the motto "Everything from a single source", WIBERG prints the sausage casings itself at the Salzburg site (Austria) using special machines and sophisticated technology. 

The inks used are food-safe, resistant to boiling and grease and cover almost the entire color spectrum. The printing technology, which has been refined over the years, is state-of-the-art, transfers the motifs precisely and clearly reproduces even fine fonts and lines

WIBERG also produces the tried-and-tested Deco Quick® in-house. The production line for these spice coatings is based in Freilassing (Germany). There, the foils are provided with herbs and spices and cut into shape, sewn or sealed. 

A heart for the casings

When it comes to sausage casings, customers can rely on the know-how  of the Competence Center Casings. It pays attention to every detail and knows what matters. The team works with full commitment and is passionate about what they do. See for yourself. Contact the Competence Center Casings: