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Functional & efficient

In the production of any sausage and meat product, quality criteria such as fine taste, firm bite and reliable freshness are essential. 

In our extensive range of functional ingredients, you will find a variety of highly effective products from cuttering and reddening agents to colorants that efficiently support you in the production of first-class food. 

Whether you are looking for a solution for color maintenance, binding or shelf-life extension - you are sure to find what you are looking for in our functional ingredients.

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Cuttering agents

Optimal consistency, firm bite and appetizing appearance – these are the quality features that gourmets can expect when enjoying hearty cooked sausages and cooked salami. 

Ideally matched cuttering agents make a significant contribution to excellent sausage products, ensuring stable binding of the mass as well as reliable reddening and color maintenance

We offer products that ensure optimal activation of the meat protein and a stable emulsion of the sausage mass in reddened cooked sausage and cooked salami.



Additives for binding ensure good water-binding capacity through optimal activation of muscle protein. They ensure a stable structure and excellent bite for cooked sausage and cooked salami as well as cooked ham. Shrinkage through frying and weight loss can be reduced by their use. 

Color maintenance

The addition of nitrite and reddening agents makes it possible to achieve optimal reddening of meat products. The decomposition to nitrogen monoxide and the combination with the existing muscle pigment myoglobin produces the typical curing red, which is then stabilized by heating.

We offer products for optimal reddening and intensive color maintenance for inlay material, cooked and raw cured products as well as fermented sausage

Maturing agents

Fermented sausage and raw cured products are among the specialties of the meat product range. Maturing agents play a major role in the manufacturing process. We provide you with reliable products for the traditional curing of fermented sausage and raw cured products. 

In our assortment you will find both neutral maturing agents and preparations with a delicate taste. Combine the maturing agents with seasonings for the characteristic flavor of the specialties. 


Emulsifiers are additives that mix two immiscible liquids, such as oil and water, to form a stable, homogeneous and smooth emulsion

They have a positive effect on consistency and texture, especially in the production of cooked sausage and spreadable cooked and fermented sausage. 

These products are the right choice when it comes to a firm bite or ideal spreadability for spreadable sausage. 

Shelf-life extension

Freshness is one of the most important quality features in sausage and meat products. Our range includes antioxidants as well as other products for shelf-life extension, freshness and preservation

Most shelf-life extenders are based on organic acids and salts, which must be declared with their name or the E-number on the product. In addition to the classic shelf-life extenders, you will also find preperations in our range that do not require an E-number. They enable a safe, stable end product over the entire storage period, based purely on flavors or spice extracts – for cooked sausage, cooked ham or meat preparations. 

In addition to microbial spoilage, fat oxidation is an important cause of reduced shelf-life of food. Therefore, the use of antioxidants is particularly recommended for prolonged storage. In addition to classic antioxidants, rosemary extracts play an essential role as a natural alternative. Their advantage is the almost neutral taste of the extracts.

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Colorants and coloring foodstuff

Colorants and coloring foodstuff give food an attractive, appetizing appearance. An appealing, product-typical color conveys freshness, optimal preparation and the best quality. 

Colorants compensate for natural color variations, enhance the product's own tone and support a uniform appearance of the final product

Both foods with coloring properties and coloring additives are used to color products. There are coloring additives of natural origin – such as real carmine (cochineal) – nature-identical or synthetic compounds. 

Adapted to the respective food, these ingredients can be used to achieve more standardized results


Enzymes are tasteless and support the cross-linking of proteins. Enzymes can be used to bind meat parts together and ensure a uniform texture and a stable consistency

They ensure a firm bite and optimal cohesion of the meat parts. Here you will find enzymes for cooked and fermented sausage, all kinds of meat and cooked cured products. 

Other functional ingedients

Sweet and savory ingredients, proteins and optimizers that provide ideal bite and firm consistency, all this and much more can be found in our portfolio. 

Take a look at our diverse range of other functional ingredients. These products help in the production of your specialties – reliable and safe to use for optimal results

Nutritional ingredients

Whether fiber or a special mixture for the production of salt-reduced products, our selected range of nutritional ingredients contributes to conscious nutrition

Salt is indisputably essential for life. It regulates our water balance as well as the metabolism and is needed for the transmission of stimuli in the nervous system. However, too much salt in our diet can have a detrimental effect. Salt also fulfils an indispensable function in many meat products. 

Discover the possibilities in our range to benefit from all the advantages of salt-reduced products without sacrificing the taste or effect of salt.

Dipping solutions

Dipping solutions refine and protect sausages. In addition, they give products an attractive look with a wide variety of spice products such as pepper, paprika or coat the finest liver sausages with a white wax coating. They protect against unwanted white coating on fermented sausages and and prevent the end products from drying out. 

Whether as a powder for mixing or as an already liquid coating compound, easy application and successful results are certain. For meat and sausage products of all kinds.

Together to success

Do you have a product idea and are looking for a partner to implement it? Do you already have the ideal recipe and are looking for high-quality seasonings and functional ingredients for production? Are you actually doing everything right, but are not yet one hundred percent satisfied with the end product? No matter what you need, we will find the ideal solution together.