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We offer organic ingredients for delicious meat, sausage, fish and convenience products as well as snacks

Our large organic range includes herbs & raw spices, complete seasonings, oil marinades and functional blends

We respond to current trends such as purely plant-based products with our innovations and many individual solutions.

Discover our organic solutions for:

  • Meat products
  • Convenience
  • Marinades
  • Herbs & Spices


Fast, convenient and easy: the products of our organic convenience range help to produce tasty dishes for butchers' kitchens, catering and party service in an uncomplicated way. The product range is diverse and includes organic seasonings for grilled meat, gyros, chicken or meatballs, organic vegetable soup, crispy breadcrumbs as well as organic vinegar and oil.

Meat products

Organic meat products have long since left their niche and are now on everyone's lips. And for good reason: organic sausages are impressive in terms of appearance, taste and consistency and are equally as good as conventionally produced specialties.

From bratwurst and salami to mildly spicy ham specialities - with us, you will find products in organic quality for common sausage products. The spice mixtures and functional ingredients perfectly matched to the products ensure full enjoyment.

We offer a wide range of first-class products for organic sausage and ham, from maturing agents for raw ham to spice mixtures for cold cuts and suitable cuttering agents.


High-quality regional meat, preferably organic, is a must for many consumers when it comes to grilling. The best quality and organic certification should therefore not stop at marinades. 

With our wide selection of organic marinades, the tastes of the world can easily be brought into the showcase - from Mediterranean to Mexican, from elegant to a solid taste. Not only the multifaceted flavor portfolio, but also the wide range of applications for almost all types of meat - from poultry to lamb - make organic marinades indispensable in the barbecue season.

Thanks to their color intensity and a precisely balanced oil content, they give the meat an appetizing shine and protect it during the roasting process.

Herbs and Spices

In a well-stocked organic range, organic herbs and spices should certainly not be missing. Choose from fine herbs from wild garlic to thyme

It's not just about the quality – the taste of these green flavor enhancers is equally impressive. Hot, sweet, fruity, citrus-fresh, spicy, intense - all these taste nuances can be found in our organic spice range. 

Here you can rely on excellent organic quality and intense seasoning power - from cardamom and paprika to lemon peel and onion. Would you prefer spice mixtures? No problem – the range also includes curry mixes and the popular Herbs of Provence in organic quality.

Other product groups

Together to success

Do you have a product idea and are looking for a partner to implement it? Do you already have the ideal recipe and are looking for high-quality seasonings and functional ingredients for production? Are you actually doing everything right, but are not yet one hundred percent satisfied with the end product? No matter what you need, we will find the ideal solution together.