Indulgence from the water

Fish is considered a good source of protein and is valued for its minerals as well as its polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids. Here you will find well thought-through product solutions for the production of first-class fish and deli products

We offer tailor-made solutions, innovative ingredients and product ideas for fish and seafood. From high-quality products for maturing and refining fish to decorative spices, taste and color, we offer everything concerning fish.

Sugar ripening

Refining fish specialties in a tasty way is a great art. Innovative sugar ripeners help to achieve the greatest tenderness in matjes and shorten ripening processes. We offer a well-thought-out portfolio of sugar-based ripening agents

The functional preparations for sugar ripening are available with or without integrated preservation or enzymatic ripening – here you can choose the right solution for your requirements

Acid ripening

Our functional preparations for fruit acid ripening for matjes, herring and pollock steak ensure tender fish enjoyment. The products impress with delicate taste and excellent functional properties

Salmon ripening

Salmon has long enjoyed great popularity and is valued not only for its incomparable taste, but also for its high content of omega-3 fatty acids.

Our innovative ripeners help to make salmon extremely tender and reduce maturing time. Seasoning ingredients add flavor - whether with or without dill is entirely up to you.

Specialties for fish

Here you will find everything concerning your fish product – from decorative spices, spice mixtures and salts to seasoning specialities and flavors. Benefit from products that are easy to use. The aim is to refine fish while preserving the original flavor profile. 

With our range of functional ingredients, we ensure long-lasting products that look great and have consistent quality. With us, you will find all the ingredients and additives you need. In addition, we offer the best advice and first-class service.

Other product groups

Together to success

Do you have a product idea and are looking for a partner to implement it? Do you already have the ideal recipe and are looking for high-quality seasonings and functional ingredients for production? Are you actually doing everything right, but are not yet one hundred percent satisfied with the end product? No matter what you need, we will find the ideal solution together.