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Always the right casing

Whether traditional specialties or innovative trend products: The right sausage casing gives your products a unique look and a strong appearance

When it comes to high-quality sausage products, it's about more than just the "inner values" – a perfect sausage also needs a perfect casing. 

We offer functional and decorative sausage casings, a comprehensive range - from individually designed sausage casings to tasty spice coatings.  

Deco Quick®

The Deco Quick® spice coatings refine a wide variety of specialities - from cooked sausage to cooked cured products, fermented sausage, pâtés and roasts to fish, cheese and vegetarian and vegan products. 

Top quality herbs and spices are applied easily, quickly and cleanly. This is not only extremely easy, but also reliable and a guaranteed success. . 

The result is unsurpassed – every single slice of the product is evenly and completely covered with spices.

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Casings for special requirements


Our FIBROUS casing with anti-mould coating protects raw and cooked salami safely, efficiently and innovatively against mould. This special coating on the casing reliably reduces the growth of microorganisms on the outside .

In terms of handling, Antimould is similar to conventional fibrous casings. The protective effect of the casing is also retained during all the usual treatment steps of raw sausage and cooked salami production and can neither be washed nor rubbed off. 

The highly effective anti-mould layer is, of course, absolutely harmless to health in accordance with the recommended application and does not have to be declared.

Smoke-impregnated casings

Sausage and ham products with a fine, spicy smoky taste are popular. Our casings coated with liquid smoke are the economical alternative to conventional smoking.  

With the efficient smoke-coated casings, colour and taste are ensured as if from the smokehouse with consistently high quality .

Classic smoking is dispensed with, the associated effort is eliminated, and the traditional smoky taste is retained.


Superfibrous stands for fast and efficient processing. Thanks to a special shirring technology developed by us, we offer sticks with a particularly large opening that can also be easily attached to oversized filling tubes. 

Superfibrous sticks therefore not only mean significantly less casing waste, but also much faster, more efficient, automated and more cost-effective production than usual. 

Competence Center Casings

Find out what services our casing experts offer and what options you have with customer-specific individual production.