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Cooked sausage

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Extensive range

In terms of variety, the cooked sausage is hard to beat: From the classic cold cut to frankfurters and hearty meat loaf, there is something for every taste! No wonder that the popularity of this type of sausage crosses borders, because cooked sausage is served in many countries around the world. With the extensive range of seasonings and combis for cooked sausage, we offer everything your heart desires!

Discover our solutions for:

  • cold cuts
  • meat loaf
  • small sausages
  • fried sausage
  • Gelbwurst (white cold cut)
  • Bavarian white sausage

Cold cut

Cold cut should not be missing on any charcuterie board. Ham sausage, baloney and co. are popular sausage varieties with a long tradition. You are guaranteed to find the right seasoning for your cooked sausage products with us. From elegant to pleasantly spicy, from mildly aromatic to full-bodied - there is something for every taste. You can rely on the high quality and well-balanced composition of our blends. Typical spices for the characteristic taste of cold cuts.

Meat loaf  

Whether as part of a savory dish or on meat loaf sandwich, the cooked sausage specialties, that are popular in many places, have different uses, but are always endlessly tasty. Crispy crust, hearty core and incomparably good taste - this is what distinguishes the masterful meat loaf. Choose from a variety of seasonings for these timeless classics from the cooked sausage range or choose the all-in-one solution – our combis offer both - taste and function

Small sausage

The right seasoning is almost as important for sausages as the firm bite. Whether Frankfurter or Vienna style sausages, Debrecziner or Krainer - enjoyment has many names. Finely matched spices in a balanced mixture make the cooked sausage specialties a real treat. Choose from an extensive range of seasonings and combis for the popular sausage varieties.

Fried sausage

Fried sausage (bratwurst) always tastes good – whether directly from the grill, at home at the dining table or on the go as a snack in a roll. Our range offers a large selection of different seasonings, either fine or coarse for the barbecue classic. The taste spectrum ranges from elegant to rustic. Characteristic spices such as coriander, pepper, caraway and co. make the fried sausage a pleasure.  

Gelbwurst (White cold cut)

Gelbwurst impresses with its fine sausage mass and light color. Spices such as pepper, ginger and coriander add elegant flavor to the speciality. A fresh citrus note is a must for the characteristic taste. If you want to set a visual accent, you can refine the product with parsley. We offer selected elegant seasonings for this traditional cooked sausage speciality from southern Germany. 

Bavarian white sausage

It is probably the best-known Bavarian speciality and tastes great in many different variations – the white sausage! Of course, the Munich delicacy is now appreciated far beyond the borders of Bavaria. Only the right seasoning transforms delicious white sausage mass into hearty specialties. With pepper, ginger and a hint of lemon, you are guaranteed to get it right. This classic combination can also be found in our seasonings. It is suitable for the classic Munich white sausage basic recipe as well as for more unusual dishes based on the traditional sausage.

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