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The world of food is innovative and dynamic

There are now numerous tasty plant-based meat alternatives that are in no way behind conventional specialties in terms of enjoyment.

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Our products have a high protein and low fat content, are mainly allergen-free and contain as few additives as possible.


Our products meet the highest standards of quality and enjoyment thanks to high-quality ingredients and the best manufacturing.


Our products conserve resources: The production of plant-based foods generates fewer greenhouse gases and requires less land and water than conventional animal breeding. 

Laboratory-tested quality

Extensive checks in our in-house laboratories ensure the consistently high quality and food safety of our products.

Produce vegan with NovaTaste

Plant-based meat alternatives

We offer a comprehensive range of products and services for the introduction and further development of tasty vegan meat, fish and cheese alternatives – such as vegan alternatives to chicken fillet, beef steak and pork steak. Ask about our individual, tailor-made solutions for all kinds of requirements. We pay attention to the right texture that matches the product, first-class taste and a natural, appetizing color.

Vegan protein sources

A wide variety of plant-based protein sources provide the basis for our vegan solutions. We achieve optimal results with pea, wheat and soy texturates as well as proteins from sunflower seeds and field beans. Your preferred protein source is not listed? No problem - we can provide other protein sources on request.

Clean and authentic

When creating a product, it is important to avoid allergens and E-numbers or to use them wisely, as well as to ensure ideal nutritional properties and easy handling in production. In order to achieve the most authentic result possible, the collected expert knowledge and technological know-how are used.

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Together to success

Do you have a product idea and are looking for a partner to implement it? Do you already have the ideal recipe and are looking for high-quality seasonings and functional ingredients for production? Are you actually doing everything right, but are not yet one hundred percent satisfied with the end product? No matter what you need, we will find the ideal solution together.