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Extensive range

Our convenience solutions make it easier to produce and prepare tasty end products. Anyone who produces ready meals and gourmet salads will find what they are looking for in our range when it comes to taste and functional ingredients.

We offer:
  • Binding
  • Shelf-life extension
  • natural colors
  • Booster
  • Seasonings
  • Marinades
  • Breading
  • Sauces
  • Fillings
  • Dressings

  • Ready meals (menu trays)
  • Soups & stews
  • Vegetables & potatoes
  • Pasta & rice
  • Pizza & baked goods
  • Dumplings
  • Gourmet salads
  • Gourmet spreads

Mix specialties

Balanced combinations of mix specialties add characteristic flavor to a wide variety of dishes. Go for our tasty seasonings with ideally matched herbs and spices - whether vension dishes or sauerbraten, whether full-bodied, rustic or hearty - you've come to the right place.

If you are looking for an intense taste for grilled dishes, gyros, steak and co. - you will find what you are looking for in the extensive range of seasonings with salt - choose from a large selection of aromatic salts for a wide variety of applications. 

For popular dishes with poultry or minced meat, the range offers a selection of different seasonings with a special kick. 

Decor seasonings enhance any dish conveniently and easily. They are colorful and available in a great variety of flavors.   

Fix products for meat and vegetable applications

Popular ready meals are quick and easy to prepare with the fix products. For minced meat, we offer a range of different mixtures with characteristic spices - whether cevapcici, meatballs, patties or meat loaf - a delicious result is guaranteed. 

A wide variety of dumplings, from liver dumplings to bread dumplings, are available – there are also ideal helpers for goulash, potato salad, or casserole. They conjure up tasty home cooking to fill you up in no time at all. 

Soups and sauces

High-quality, filling food, even if it has to be prepared quickly? Yes, that works! With our sauces, you can make varied, hearty dishes, such as soups, sauces and stews, in no time at all. 

The sauces make it easier to prepare dishes to eat immediately and to take away. They save time and impress with first-class taste. 

Our cold-swelling ready-to-use sauces offer the characteristic taste of popular home-style dishes and save time and manpower. 

The hot and cold swelling base sauces are very versatile and complement various dishes in a diverse way. They have a pleasant basic taste, which can either be left pure or supplemented in a variety of ways with broths, stocks, spices, herbs and vegetables according to one's own taste and regional preferences.

Breading systems

The ideal breading must be crispy! Whether schnitzel, nuggets, sticks, baked cheese or falafel - the areas of application for crispy breadcrumbs are diverse and varied. 

If you want to bread dairy or vegetable products, fish or meat, you will find convenient helpers in our range - which impress with easy application, perfect results and the best taste. 

From fresh convenience to snacks, ready-made and frozen meals – there is the right crispy breading for every application, whether crumbs, pre-flour, egg coating or fried dough. 

Gourmet products

The gourmet showcase entices with dishes that promise special enjoyment. In our assortment, manufacturers will find selected ingredients to produce these specialties. 

Here you will find dressings for the ideal marinating of delicatessen salads as well as ingredients for tasty spreads. Pickled vegetables are also a must. 

Our canned food range does not skimp on quality. The raw materials are harvested in the perfect state of ripeness and packaged in such a way that the freshness is preserved. The products retain their fine taste and crunchy consistency thanks to the rapid and gentle processing. Whether for the delicatessen counter, as a sausage inlay or as an ingredient for creative butcher's cuisine - the canned vegetables impress with bright colour and intense taste. 

Our delicatessen range is rounded off with our products for dipping and seasoning - from ketchup to various dipping sauces


Tasty fillings in all flavors guarantee enjoyment. The possible applications are as creative as they are numerous. Dairy products, pasta and baked goods etc. can be easily refined with hearty, colorful fillings

For example, refine hard cheese with colorful pesto or create processed cheese variations from Mediterranean to Oriental. 

Whether liquid or dry, seasoning, dry compound or functional ingredient – we have the right solution for every application. 

Other product groups

Together to success

Do you have a product idea and are looking for a partner to implement it? Do you already have the ideal recipe and are looking for high-quality seasonings and functional ingredients for production? Are you actually doing everything right, but are not yet one hundred percent satisfied with the end product? No matter what you need, we will find the ideal solution together.