Delicious gourmet salads are now in season


June 3, 2024

Who wants a hot lunch in the worst summer heat? But your belly can't stay empty... Delicious gourmet salads are the perfect alternative. With meat or fish, with vegetables or completely vegan, they are the ideal snack between meals.

Nutritious salad classics

For those whose stomach is already rumbling after a pure leaf salad or crunchy raw vegetables, a hearty gourmet salad from the butcher's counter is the right choice. The ever-popular classic, for example, combines tender sausage and full-bodied cheese to create Swiss sausage salad. Wurstsalatdressing OG (item no.: 235198) is the perfect marinade. The ready-to-use dressing is a full-flavored mixture with onion, parsley and pepper and visible herbs and spices.

Mayo-Mix Komplett II (item no.: 237012) is suitable for those who like it even more intense. With this neutral mixture of ingredients, salad mayonnaises and creams with a fat content of 50% or more can be produced in no time at all.

Potato salad is also suitable as a side dish at barbecues or as a cold snack that really fills you up. Here, connoisseurs rely on typical and well-known flavor profiles. With Kartoffelsalat Schwäbisch (item no.: 230436), you can be on the safe side. The fully aromatic, meaty mixture impresses with balanced nuances of onion, pepper and leek. At the same time, it guarantees optimum shine.

Plant-based gourmet delights

Those who prefer meat-free or completely vegan dishes will also find what they are looking for in the range. For example, “Vegan Visch” salad is very easy to make. Take Vegan Visch Happen 2.0! Together with the instant Vegan Mayo (item no. 293259), these can be varied in many ways and are in no way behind the popular fish salads with beetroot or dill, for example.