Enjoyment with a promising future


June 3, 2024

The topic of poultry continues to be a steadily growing segment within the food industry. Whether in the form of cooked sausage, cooked cured products, fermented sausage as well as marinated grill specialties or clever convenience products: poultry meat is popular! Innovative solutions can be used to create all these products and are tailored to the needs of consumers.

Diverse and tailor-made ingredients

For the production of poultry products that meet the requirements of contemporary diets, NovaTaste has a variety of specially tailored ingredients in its range. For convenience products such as chicken wings, nuggets and the like, the range extends from (decor) seasonings, breading systems and marinades to shelf-life extenders, antioxidants and brine additives.

In poultry processing, the aim is to use innovative solutions to create products that are tailored to the customer's needs. For example, tender ham and cooked sausage should not be missing. Masterful cooked cured products with perfect consistency and appearance as well as excellent taste can of course be made with poultry meat. There is also no shortage of the right coating: With the Deco Quick® spice coatings, the finest poultry specialities can be quickly and easily covered with decorative herbs and spices as well as mixtures.

One for all

With not only many years of experience, NovaTaste supports the food industry and butchers in the production of high-quality poultry specialities. From coloring foods and seasonings to practical combis for taste and function, the wide range offers countless possibilities. Of course, the innovative product developers also create suitable products for customer-specific requirements and the experienced technical advisors are on hand to provide help and advice on all application-related questions.

The demand ist growing

Poultry not only convinces with its very efficient feed conversion and the resulting more economical use of resources. Since it is not affected by religious restrictions, it is an attractive alternative to pork in communal catering. Even in countries where meat consumption is declining, a countertrend can be seen in poultry meat.