Delicious venison specialties for autumn


June 3, 2024

Hunting season begins in autumn. And lovers of venison, wild boar etc. not only look forward to roasts and ragouts. It is also the perfect time for venison sausage and ham specialties.

The enjoyment of venison specialties is very popular. Not only is it the oldest way to consume meat, but venison also has an impressively low fat content.

The goddess of hunting - and of taste

True connoisseurs are already looking forward to hand-crafted venison delicacies. Diana Wildwürzung OG AF (item no.: 227726) makes the taste even more special. The spice preparation impresses with its rustic nuances of juniper, coriander and pimento. With visible herbs and spices, this seasoning also ensures an attractive cut. All in all, the Diana venison seasoning succeeds in capturing the richness of the forest and giving the venison a harmonious home in terms of taste.

Salami Stone Pine (item no.: 263043) is a must in your hunting backpack. In addition to pepper and coriander, this full-bodied, spicy mixture captivates with typical stone pine notes that add an ethereal, resinous component. This maturing agent with seasoning therefore symbolizes the depths of the forests and represents the taste of venison's green native habitat.

3D mold printing

Linen casing with edible mold is one of the finest types of casing for wild raw sausage. To combine the traditional appearance with the advantages of FIBER casing, WIBERG has developed mold printing (item no.: 552606). With this 3D mold printing, several layers of color are printed on top of each other so that after drying, a 3D effect is created that looks and feels like a woven casing with edible mold. The casings thus have an attractive mold look and also have all the advantages of FIBER casing. Efficient processing, a low price and optimal peelability are guaranteed.

This sausage casing is a chest shot

The best game specialties from the butcher's hand deserve the most beautiful presentation: With a wide selection of theme-specific sausage casings, this is no problem. For example, the FIBROUS-Casing Hirschsalami (item no.: 550730) is perfect for all red deer salami variations. If you work with wild boar, chamois or other meat, choose Wildsalami (item no.: 548175). A popular classic with almost endless production possibilities is dressed in the casing Jagdwurst (item no.: 512951).