New BBQ marinades

New BBQ marinades

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We are known for our wide range of marinades as well as for our innovative new products. We have two new marinades in our luggage for the coming barbecue season. Try the delicious newcomers! 

Gewürzmüller | Art.-Nr.: 294850
Café de Paris Marinade Pure Oil

Café de Paris is the name of the new addition to the Pure Oil Marinade series. They represent enjoyment without added palm oil or hydrogenated fats. The Pure Oil marinades score with their unadulterated taste and give the grilled food an appetizing look with the help of rapeseed oil. 

By the way: Of course, there is no coffee in the marinade Café de Paris. The name comes from the restaurant "Café de Paris", which was known for its special blend of spices to refine butter and sauces.


The Café de Paris Marinade Pure Oil offers a characteristic buttery note with fine herbs. 

The green oil marinade harmonizes perfectly with poultry, lamb and pork, as well as vegetables. 


The Café de Paris Marinade Pure Oil is not only free from added palm oil and hydrogenated fats, but also contains only natural flavors and, in a completely clean way, does not contain any E-numbers or flavor enhancers.

WIBERG | Art.-Nr.: 294652
Primolio Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is the new flavour in the Primolio range. The purely plant-based Primolio oil-based marinades coat the food evenly, providing flavor and protection in one. These marinades are very heat-stable and ideal for short frying and grilling.


The red fully aromatic Primolio Grilled Chicken Marinade is perfect for chicken, turkey and vegetables with its roast and barbecue flavor with a hint of poultry.


Primolio Grilled Chicken contains only natural flavors and scores with a delicate smoky note. With no E-numbers, palm oil, allergens or flavor enhancers, it is right on trend.

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