Two experts in fish


June 3, 2024

If you process fish, you've come to the right place. We offer a full range of high-quality spices and ingredients for fish product production as well as well thought-out product ideas and tailor-made solutions for all fish products. In addition, we have true experts for fish in-house: Get to know our fish specialists Frank Withohn and Christian Lüdders.

Consultant Frank Withohn

When it comes to fish, Frank Withohn is the right person to contact. As a specialist consultant, he has in-depth knowledge of fish raw materials and works closely with our customers. He supports fish manufacturers in a solution-oriented manner in all application questions. In addition, he develops new products – both for fish products and for their plant-based alternatives. A career in the fish sector seemed to be predestined for Frank Withohn, because fish has always been of great importance in his hometown of Cuxhaven on the North Sea coast. But it was only after his training as a typesetter that he ended up in the food sector. After several years of experience in production and retraining as a specialist in food technology with a focus on fish, Frank Withohn dedicates himself to the production of semi-finished products from fresh raw materials. With the company since 2014, Frank Withohn particularly appreciates the contact with customers and the creative work on innovative solutions and new products: "I particularly like advising our customers. I also like to develop new end products in the field of fish and vegan Visch products, taking into account feasibility and industrial implementation." His current projects revolve around the further development of the vegan fish burger and the new development "Filet American vegan".

Product Developer Christian Lüdders

With Christian Lüdders we also have a true fish connoisseur in our ranks. The "Hamburg boy from the Elbe" has been with the company since 2005 and has already contributed his expertise in product development and application consulting in the fish, convenience and organic sectors at several locations. Currently, our product developer focuses on fish delicatessen/salads, convenience products with fish, matjes ripeners, decors for smoking as well as vegetarian and vegan fish alternative products. "What is particularly exciting is that I can turn customers' ideas and visions into real products in my area," says Christian Lüdders, appreciating the creative possibilities of his work.

And congratulations: In 2022, Christian Lüdders passed his further training as a fish sommelier with an IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) degree with "Higher Level". This intensive training course spans the arc from fish history, fisheries theory as well as fish farming and aquaculture to sustainability, quality assurance, product safety and marketing to targeted training of sensory skills. Commodity science plays a special role in further training, because in addition to theoretical specialist knowledge, it also imparts practical skills. These range from filleting, preparing and arranging fish and seafood to the right wine accompaniment. For Christian Lüdders, the demanding further training was worth it: "It was a lot of work, a lot of knowledge, many intensive evenings of learning. But it was a great enrichment and a great opportunity to deepen my knowledge of fish."

Extensive   fish assortment

Our traditional brand  Gewürzmühle Nesse has been focusing on fish for decades. The brand was founded in 1880 in northern Germany close to the sea, in the vicinity of the major North Sea ports and the German fishing industry - they know what is important when it comes to fish. Our full range of fish products includes functional ingredients, fish ripeners and food cultures as well as herbs, spices and mixtures as well as marinades and convenience products such as breadcrumbs and sauces.

A treat – also plant-based

Currently, plant-based nutrition is very popular. For those who love fish but want to consume less animal products, we have numerous solutions. Whether hybrid fish burgers that rely on the combination of fish and vegetables, delicious "less fish" spreads that require very little animal protein or optimal solutions for completely plant-based fish alternatives in the form of chopsticks, burgers, fillets and delicatessen products. Enjoyment is of course guaranteed!