Hearty taste for Meat Loaf & Vienna Style Sausage


June 3, 2024

Whether meatloaf rolls one hand, or Viennese and Frankfurter sausages on the other – the boiled sausage specialties that are popular in many places have different names, but are infinitely tasty. For the two perennial favorites in the range, there is now a hearty addition to the Gewürzmüller range: The seasonings Backleberkäse Meisterklasse (item no.: 271552) and Wiener Gourmet (item no.: 271227) impress with their characteristic taste. Finely tuned spices in a balanced mixture make the popular boiled sausage classics a real treat!

Meat Loaf – meaty & hearty

Crispy crust, hearty core and incomparably good taste - this is what distinguishes masterful meatloaf! The new spice aroma preparation Backleberkäse Meisterklasse rounds off the typical taste with pepper, ginger and nutmeg. A treat for all fans of the timeless classic.

Viennese sausages – simply tasty

The right seasoning is almost as important for sausages as a crunchy bite. The Gewürzmüller new product Wiener Gourmet convinces with its finely tuned mixture of pepper, paprika and coriander and makes the snack a pleasure!