Coriander: herb and spice in one


June 3, 2024

Coriander polarizes in terms of taste – at least when it comes to its green leaves. True to the motto: You love him, or you hate him. However, this does not apply to the seeds of the plant, which come up with a completely different taste profile and are indispensable in many meat products.

The plant

The coriander plant is an umbelliferous plant and originated in the eastern Mediterranean. It prefers a temperate or tropical climate. The annual plant grows up to one metre tall, its flowers are white. Young coriander leaves look round and wide, the older leaves are finer and have a resemblance to dill. The seeds are harvested about five to six months after sowing. The dried seeds can be used whole or ground.

  • Originally native to Southern Europe and the Middle East
  • today the plant grows worldwide
  • Light brown and spherical 
  • a few millimeters in size
  • nutty 
  • sweet 
  • spicy
  • Whole or ground
Indispensable for BBQ

Coriander seeds have numerous applications in the meat product sector. Especially now during the barbecue season, the spice is in demand. On the one hand, the seeds are indispensable in the production of bratwurst and sausages, as they contribute to the characteristic taste profile - for example in our hearty spice preparation Bratwurst/Rostbratwurst OG. On the other hand, they refine many marinades. Especially if you want to give your specialties an Indian touch, coriander is recommended. Often the little flavor bringers are also found in curry mixes and marinades. For example, in our spice blend Curry Powder, which adds an Indian touch to meat, vegetable and rice dishes and also adds flavour to sauces and dressings.

Typische Note für Wurstwaren

Auch bei der Wursterzeugung greift man gerne auf die würzenden Eigenschaften der Koriandersamen zurück. Und manch eine Spezialität – von Brüh- über Brühdauer-, Koch- und Rohwurst bis hin zu Rohpökelwaren – verdankt ihnen ihr typisches Geschmacksprofil. So ist Koriander etwa in unserem Reifemittel Westfalia 75 OK Rohwurst, unseren Gewürzzubereitungen Meisterklasse Fleischwurst S sowie Wipure Blutwurst Meisterhand enthalten.